Guest Resources

Brighthouse TV Channel Listings

OR - Tune into channel 97 (Zap2it)

OR - Try this on-line link for Zap2it:

HDTV Tuning (Input HDMI 1)

HDTV service is provided by Brighthouse. There is a Cisco Digital Adapter box that provides the digital signal in high-definition. There is a Digital Adapter box for each TV in our condos. The Digital Adapter box is connected to the TVs via the HDMI 1 inputt.

  1. Make sure the Cisco Digital Adapter is turned on (upper left power button on the Cisco remote)
  2. Make sure the TV input is set to "HDMI 1" using the TV remote.("source" or "input" button)
  3. Use the Cisco remote to change the channel (either "Menu" then "Channels" or enter the channel number)
  4. Using the Cisco remote, tune to channel "97" for the TV Guide
  5. Note: If the Cisco Digital Adapter is powered up it may say "Searching for Channels" for a few minutes until it is ready

Google Chromecast information (Input HDMI 2)

Google Chromecast is available in the living room television. Chromecast allows you to play certain content via your smartphone or PC over the wireless network. Typically, smartphone apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Plus are enabled for casting content. On the PC, the Chrome browser supports a plugin that can cast the web page you are viewing or even the entire desktop (beta feature as of this writing).
  1. Available in for the living room TV only
  2. Use the TV remote to set the input source to "HDMI 2"
  3. Use a Google chromecast enabled app on your smartphone or laptop (see this link for more info:

Playing a DVD on the DVD player (Input HDMI 3)

  1. Use the TV remote to select "HDMI 3"
  2. Play the DVD in the DVD player