Reservation, Check-in, and Check-out Process

This page is intended to take out the mystery of booking, checking-in, and checking-out of one of our Cocoa Beach condos.

Making a Reservation

In order to make a reservation, you will want to inquire about availability and pricing. Prices vary during the year due to demand and peak seasons. You can both view the availability of our condo rentals as well as submit an inquiry for availability and a price quote via our listings on
  1. Brisa del Mar #10 - A beautiful and spacious 2-BR condo, steps from the beach
  2. Brisa del Mar #13 - A gorgeous and spacious 1-BR condo, steps from the beach

Please submit accurate information in the inquiry screen, especially your contact information such as your email address or phone number. Once your inquiry has been submitted, we will respond with a day or so via email with on the availability and the rental price including any fees. As is standard practice, we typically require a refundable security deposit and a signed rental agreement in order to secure your reservation. The security deposit is returned to you shortly after check-out assuming there is no damage to the property and the terms of the rental agreement have been met.

If you want to proceed with the rental, then we send you an email with a rental agreement attached that includes the information about the renter and the owner, agreed upon price and fees, due dates for payment, the rental period, and a set of rules (for example, "No smoking inside the unit" and "Renter must be of age 25 or older"). The renter then prints out the agreement, signs it, and mails it back to the owner along with payment for the security deposit.

We employ an honor system for your booking. So if you say you definitely want to rent, then we mark the calendar with your reservation while we wait for the security deposit and signed rental agreement to arrive. If we don't receive the agreement and deposit in a timely manner, then we will cancel the reservation.

We typically require payment of the rental fee about one month before the check-in date. Once we receive payment of the rental fee, we will email you instructions on how to access the condo, information about your dedicated parking space, where the on-site laundry facilities are included, the wireless internet password, and that sort of thing.

Checking In to the Condo

We have a fairly unique way of facilitating check-ins as we use a special lock called ResortLock. This lock enables us to provide our guests with a special code that allows access only for the duration of the stay. We email you this code along with other information about your dedicated parking space, laundry facilities, dumpster location, wireless internet access, etc. once we have received full payment. You are also able to use your lock code to re-program the lock with your own personal short code (3 to 5 digits), making it very easy to enter the condo without keys. We keep a physical set of keys in the condo as well in case you feel more comfortable with that.

Checking Out of the Condo

Upon check-out, we ask that you do the following:
  1. Please put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it.
  2. Please take out any trash and put it in the dumpster.
  3. Please leave the keys on the key hook.
  4. Please set the thermostat to 78 degrees.
  5. Please make sure that both doors to the condo are locked and secured when you leave.
Shortly after check-out, we return your security deposit to you by check. If you enjoyed your stay, we also appreciate if you would leave a positive comment on the listing (go to the appropriate listing above, scroll to the bottom, and click on the button to write a review).

That's it! Very straight-forward and easy. We look forward to making your stay at our condo as pleasant and smooth as possible.